You have come to the right place..!

Optimized Compliance is our goal!


You have come to the right place..!

Optimized Compliance is our goal!

To establish a competitive position and secure continuity in the process industry, you need to comply with existing rules and regulations and stay synchronized with them. You have come to the right place for process safety and service without compromise: RMT-Solutions is here for you. We will support you to keep up to date.

With legislation in the process industry becoming more and more stringent, you cannot afford to respond in a reactive way. Recent safety incidents make it crystal clear that compliance should be an elementary part of your overall company strategy. To keep up with all the regulations, a pro-active management is demanded.

We offer you extensive services in three specialized focus area’s; they share knowledge and expertise whenever the challenge asks for it.

Taking process safety to the next level

For your compliance with rules and regulations RMT Process Safety Solutions offers you best-in-class consultancy and services. In addition, we provide the documentation and management tools and methodologies to prove your compliance.

Pipe to pipe philosophy

Traditional Functional Safety Management (FSM) focuses on sensor to final element. We take it a step further and cover the entire safety life cycle, starting with the safety loop and also taking the affected process into account. With our pipe to pipe philosophy your facility is up to standard, even by the criteria of the upcoming IEC 61511 revision.

All the details in sight

We can make the Safety Requirement Specification (SRS) needed for your SIL loop design based upon your HAZOP / LOPA studies. The extensive level of SRS detail will lift the quality of your SIL loop design significantly. For example, the provided process safety time calculations can help you determine the Logic Solvers execution time or the final element close time. Design verification and SIL loop implementation verifications are part of our Process Safety Solutions portfolio.

Total control over your safety life cycle

With our process safety services and tools your safety life cycle is better documented and managed. A first step would be a spot check of your SIL and ATEX dossier, but a complete assessment is possible as well.

ATEX life cycle

On another level of protection we can help you with the ATEX life cycle by organizing the methodology of ATEX inspection according to today’s regulations. We offer you the most effective approach possible, by combining the tools, methodologies and resources that best suit your safety management.

Get in touch with RMT-Solutions today and discover how you can improve the safety of your process.

The brains and the hands

Within RMT Process Control Solotions we can provide specific knowledge during your DCS/PLC migration, field instrumentation improvements and designing of process control strategies.

If your company does not have a dedicated process control engineer, one of our engineers can strengthen your team as a part-time colleague and sparring partner. All of our engineers have many years of experience, are used to work within existing regulations and have in-depth knowledge of the MOC procedure.

We also offer you process-control services in relation with SIL-, ATEX- and Change management. We have our own certified engineers available for SIL and ATEX field inspections.

Within the process control environment RMT Process Safety Solutions can help you to develop a compliance strategy and RMT Process Compliance Solutions has the tools to stay compliant.

Our third division, RMT Process Control Solutions, offers you expert engineers that will thoroughly test, inspect, calibrate and document your process system. We use our in-house developed tools and methods in order to guarantee best practices.

Step by step

After identifying and reporting the necessary improvements, the next step is to carry out the agreed actions . As your total solutions partner, we will support you every step of the way.

Get in touch with RMT-Solutions today and discover how you can improve the safety of your process.

Get compliant, stay compliant.

Finally, we provide tools to establish and maintain the compliance level you have acquired. Based on auditable programs with embedded procedures and structures, we help to manage the work processes needed to achieve compliance.

With RMT at your side, SIL management, ATEX inspections and MOC procedures are all part of an integrated compliance strategy.

In the current dynamics of legislation, rules and regulations it is not only hard to become compliant; Here is where RMT Process Compliance Solutions comes in.

Process Compliance Solutions facilitates the management of process safety and process control processes over the life time. To make your life easier we have developed superior tools, not only for the registration of your compliance related components but also to manage them during their life cycle. All tools come with full service back-up. We can implement and integrate the tools in your current organization, work processes and IT environment.

We have a number of powerful tools for you and are continuously working on more functionality.

These tools are currently available:

Dymenzions®  Tool to manage safety provisions (SIL) and related data in an auditable way.

AIT  ATEX inspection tool to administrate your ATEX inspections and repair actions.

MOC administration Tool to structure the ‘management of change’ process and control document flow.

Be safe now

Get in touch with RMT-Solutions today and discover how you can improve the safety of your process.


What we do?

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Together we improve safety, control and compliance by using our services, products and training.


  • A SIS Practice Gap Assessment
  • Procedural Gap Assessment
  • Functional Safety Management (FSM)
  • Functional Safety Assessments (FSA)
    • Operations, Maintenance and Repair
    • Modifications and Decommissioning
    • Instrument Calibration
      • HAZOP / PHA / LOPA Studies
      • Safety Instrumented System (SIS)
      • SIL Selection & SIL Determination
      • Safety Requirement Specification (SRS)
      • SIL Verification
      • Functional Proof Testing
      • Explosion Protection Document (EPD)
      • ATEX Inspections


        • Dymenzions SIL HAZOP & LOPA
        • Dymenzions SIL Calculations & Design
        • Dymenzions SIL Operations & Maintenance
        • Dymenzions ATEX
        • ATEX Inspection tool

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            • HAZOP & LOPA
            • Calculations & Design
            • Operations & Maintenance
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